5 Exercises for Rider Suppleness • Winter Grooming Tips

A Grand Prix dressage rider shares five exercises to improve rider suppleness. Plus, a pro groom teaches you how to keep your horse well-groomed and polished during the winter.

Grand Prix competitor Jessica Jo Tate says that a rider must ride
in balance herself to create balance in her horse and shares five exercises to create the suppleness to do so. Plus,
Cat Hill, professional groom and best-selling author of World-Class
Grooming for Horses
shares five tips for ensuring a well-groomed and polished horse all year
round—even in the winter.

In this issue:

  • Tate’s five exercises to develop a supple low back, swinging hips and bouncy ankles.
  • A reader asks, “Without the option of bathing in the winter, what are some ways I can keep my horse looking
    tidy, well-groomed and polished?” Pro groom Cat Hill has the answer.

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