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Dressage Today Extra

Develop Collection Without Resistance • How to Deal with Arthritis

A judge and instructor shares a positive approach to tackling the top of the Training Pyramid—collection. Plus, a veterinarian dives into arthritis management for the sporthorse.

Dressage Today Extra

9 Tips for a Winning Test • 3 Nutritional Challenges in the Dressage Horse

Three judges share nine tips on how to ride a winning dressage test. Plus, learn about three common nutritional issues that may be affecting your dressage horse.

Dressage Today Extra

Fighting the War on Flies • Fantastic Flying Changes

Sarah Tubman shares a four-part suppling exercise to produce fantastic flying changes. Plus, an entomologist advises on strategies to help minimize fly infestation.


Dressage Today Extra

Trot Lengthenings: The What, Why and How • Rethink Your Deworming Strategy

Carole Grant breaks down the what, why and how of trot lengthenings and provides exercises to practice the movement. Plus, find out if your approach to deworming is keeping your horse healthy or contributing to a bigger problem.


Dressage Today Extra

AnnA Buffini’s Magic Square • Plan for the 2023 FEI World Cup Finals

A 2023 FEI Dressage World Cup Finals competitor shares her favorite exercise to practice accuracy, collection and connection. Plus, find out everything you need to know about the 2023 FEI World Cup Finals in Omaha, Nebraska, April 4-8.

half halt

Dressage Today Extra

How to Ride the Half Halt • Expert Tips for Healthy Horse Keeping

An Olympian explains the half halt and breaks down how to ride it. Plus, five dressage riders and veterinarians share how they maintain a happy, healthy, and peak-performing equine partner.

alice tarjan

Dressage Today Extra

Alice Tarjan: Training Youngsters to Grand Prix • What’s New for the 2023 FEI World Cup Finals

A top FEI competitor shares how she brings along young horses and turns them into Grand Prix mounts. Plus, find out what’s in store for the 2023 FEI World Cup Finals in Omaha, Nebraska, April 4-8.


Dressage Today Extra

9 Training Tips from Dorothee Schneider • Understanding Stifle Stressors

A German Olympian shares nine tips applicable for horses and riders of all levels. Plus, a veterinarian takes a closer look at the stifle—important and often-injured joint in dressage horses.

Dressage Today Extra

4 Common Training Problems Solved • Understanding Hock Health

A Grand Prix rider discusses how to solve training problems by addressing your horse’s underlying issues. Plus, a veterinarian explains some of the elements that affect hock health.

DT Extra

Dressage Today Extra

Create Balance Between the Aids • Tips to Look Best in Your Breeches

A student of a German Olympian explains how to create balance between the aids. Plus, a horse and rider boutique owner shares tips to look your best in your breeches.

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