Prep for Pirouettes and Learn About Equine Strength and Fitness Basics

Shannon Dueck shares her strategy to develop ultra collection PLUS a veterinarian’s perspective on maximizing your horse’s musculature.

In this issue of the Dressage Today Extra, you’ll learn about how to prepare for pirouettes with advice from Shannon Dueck. Not sure if you’re ready to begin pirouette work? That’s OK! Shannon explains that the work for pirouettes really starts at Second and Third Level. In the article, she shares a test to help you determine any holes in your training before beginning pirouettes. And, if preparing for pirouettes feels like it still might be out of reach, you’ll want to check out our health article that is geared to horses and riders of all levels. With a veterinarian’s perspective and advice, it gives an overview of the components of equine fitness and strength. 

Featured in this special report:

•Prep for pirouettes

•Build your horse’s fitness and strength

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