Pam Stone: To Everybody Who Says Arabians Are Nuts

Blogger Pam Stone's time training Party Girl, an Arabian-Holsteiner mare concludes.

And so we come to the end of Party Girl’s time with me before being reunited with her new owner, Kathy, and I’m super excited for their future together. 

(To read more about Pam’s adventures with Party, click here.) 

I’m especially excited about a ride I had last week in that I lived to tell the tale…

People, what does it say about a green bean mare that you’ve been training for 5 weeks, who behaves impeccably as you begin to ride a big, lengthening canter down the longside while a massive power truck chooses that exact moment to back down the length of your drive, beeping all the way and snapping tree branches that crack like rifle shots?

I’ll tell you what I said: “Oh, S***!!”

May God bless this mare—Party didn’t bat an eye. Not only did she continue to remain attuned to my aids as we rode forward and back all the way around the arena to prepare for her very first counter canter loops, but she came back effortlessly to collect each time I asked by simply lightening my seat. I am totally digging how she rounds her little back beneath me and hands me these divine moments of elevation and lightness. Airy, fairy creme brûlée! 

But wait! That’s not all! After nailing her counter canter loops, we landed in a lovely, dynamic trot which seemed to be just begging to be introduced to shoulder-in and haunches-in. So we did. On a totally looped inside rein. Bada-Bing!

I’m going to miss this little Arab-Holsteiner mare who joins me in giving a big, fat raspberry to everybody who says Arabians are nuts. She has the best traits of the breed: sensitivity and a naturally forward attitude, along with truck loads of common sense and a most willing nature. If I’m correct, she’s correct and isn’t that the way it should be?






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