Dressage Today’s Book, DVD Review Archive

Here is a list of book and DVD reviews by Mary Daniels, formerly featured on the Dressage Today website. Enjoy!

DVD Review: Horses: The Story of Equus
Horses: The Story of Equus is a DVD that takes the viewer on a fast run through the lives of three Thoroughbred horses?all of top pedigrees going back to 1791, born on the same night, but with three different destinies.

Book Review: Kottas on Dressage
This book by Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg, former First Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School, outlines his philosophy on dressage training, focusing on the development of the gaits and explaining lateral work and advances movements.

Book Review: Beyond the Homestretch
In this book Lynn Reardon tells of leaving life as a D.C. accountant and buying a ranch in Texas to rescue racehorses and all the trials and tribulations involved in that venture.

Book Review: Playing With Lukas
Playing With Lukas is the story of the Internet sensation known as “The World’s Smartest Horse.” This book opens reader’s eyes to the potential all horses have.

Book Review: The Official 2060 Superprix! Fan Guide
Michelle Guillot wrote and illustrated this satirical look at one possible future of the sport of dressage.

Book Review: Ride Horses with Awareness and Feel
Dutch Olympians at Academy Bartels share a new dressage training system emphasizing riding awareness and feel in this book.

Book Review: Klaus Balkenhol’s Success With Sympathetic Hands
This book offers a detailed description from Klaus Balkenhol of how appropriate horse care, correct riding and patient training all lead to success.

DVD Review: Lungeing for Longevity
Jane Armour shows how to use lungeing as part of your training session, rather than just a way to let a horse blow off steam before you mount.

DVD Review: Klaus Balkenhol Trilogy, From Foal to Grand Prix Horse
In this three-DVD set, we see dressage Olympian Klaus Balkenhol working with many horses, from foalhood to maturity, and learn about his contemporary approach to horse training based on classical methods.

Book Review: Dressage with Kyra, Revised Edition
In this revised edition–full of details and personal insight–learn how Kyra Kyrklund, one of the world’s most talented dressage riders, uses her unique system of training with repeated success.

Book Review: A Search for Collection
An American dressage rider and trainer discuss the physical and artistic elements of training in this book review of A Search for Collection.






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