Inspiration from the World Equestrian Games

Blogger Pam Stone shares some of the thrills from her WEG experience and how it inspired a new project.

What an absolute whirlwind it has been the past month! 

Life became a bit topsy-turvy with not one, but two, hurricanes blowing through our local foothills, bringing drenching rain and wind. Smack dab in between all of that I sat with hundreds of other dressage enthusiasts, 25 minutes from my own farm, with this crumpled schedule in my lap, completely agog at the rides that were to come.

Whatever you heard about Tryon and WEG, let me add this: the standard of riding was through the roof. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt actual goosebumps and misty eyes while watching a dressage test. And while I didn’t quite get to meet my idol, Carl Hester (despite nonchalantly stalking him), I did manage to snap some wonderful shots at the in-gate of the triumphant smiles of Charlotte. What a test they had!

And my new bestie, Mary Phelps, did actually get a shot of Carl and me, ahem, together!

I even had a photo taken with the eventual and deserved champion, Isabell Werth, who looked at her most glowing and beautiful, but I looked so appalling, as if I’d just sat on my car keys, that vanity prevents me from posting. Plus I towered over her as if I were about to eat her head, so to spare us both, I’ve declined to share.

WEG inspired me on every level. Not just about my own riding but baby, about marketing! Driving home after the Grand Prix Special, I was reminiscing about how long ago it was that I wore top hat and tails for the first time and how hard a climb it is up the levels. Then I was cut off by an SUV with one of those runner’s magnets displaying an oval 26.2 to celebrate completing a marathon. Like a flash came the idea: Why not manufacture those for Dressage riders, to display their accomplishments?

And so, with partner, Katherine Pfaff, Level Up! Equestrian Magnets was born and are now available. “And gee, Pam, just in time to be stocking stuffers,” I can hear, or hope I hear, you say! Yes ma’am! All recognized levels of competition, right up to Grand Prix. Why should runners and be the only athletes with bragging rites? And frankly, I think making the leap from Training to Second Level is far more difficult than a marathon, anyway, don’t you? Have pride in your ride and find us on Facebook! Aunty Pam needs a new horse—stock up!






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