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Training Buzz: Contact vs. Connection

Laura Graves explains the difference between theses two important concepts


Tips for Better Connection from Adrienne Lyle

Lyle helped a variety of horses and riders improve their connection and balance.


What is Correct Arm Position for Dressage Riders?

Sandy Osborn answers this reader-submitted question.


How to Correct a Lateral Walk

Learn how to diagnose and treat a lateral walk by establishing a correct connection.


Pam Stone: The Benefits of Honest Connection

Blogger Pam Stone shares an update on Voodoo, the willing Off-the-Track Thoroughbred


Proper Connection for Dressage Horses on Trails

Gigi Nutter discusses what kind of connection is most appropriate when trail riding your dressage horse.


The Best Dressage Connection Builds from ‘Nothing’

Yvonne Barteau explains that the best connection starts from nothing but an independent relaxed seat and the quiet, neutral absence of aids.


Dressage Solutions: Improve Rein Connection

Try this tip from Jessica Miller.

First Level

How to Help Your Horse Maintain Balance in Canter

Lisa Pierson answers a reader question and explains how to balance your horse in the canter with exercises to improve engagement.


Dressage Solutions: Improve Quality of Contact

Try this tip from Bruno Greber

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