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10 Tips for Better Driving Aids

Use the seat, leg, voice and whip to help train the horse to the lightest forward aid.


Using Driving Aids to Increase Your Horse’s Responsiveness

Todd Flettrich and Ruth Hogan-Poulsen demonstrate how driving aids can help increase your horse's responsiveness.


How to Correct a Horse Who Gets Heavy and Leans into Contact

Alex Wortmann answers this reader question, explaining how to correctly apply driving aids in conjunction with restraining rein aids.


A Four-Step Checklist to Begin Every Ride

Use this easy-to-follow checklist as a tool to check in on your horse's responsiveness to each of the aids.


The Secrets of the Half Halt with Conrad Schumacher

Trainer Conrad Schumacher explains step by step how to master the intricacies of the half halt and ride it correctly—whatever the situation.


How to Develop a More Elastic Trot in Your Dressage Horse

Dressage judge Sandy Hotz offers advice on how to make a dressage horse's trot more elastic.


Create Energy in Your Dressage Horse

Tom Noone explains how to address this common problem in dressage training by improving your horse's response to your aids.


Correct and Prevent Pumping with the Upper Body During Canter

A trainer, teacher and accomplished dressage competitor advises how to correct pumping with the upper body at the canter.


Dressage Solutions: Help Your Horse Stay Round and Forward Throughout Half Halts

Try this tip from Robert Dover.

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