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How to Ride the Half Halt • Expert Tips for Healthy Horse Keeping

An Olympian explains the half halt and breaks down how to ride it. Plus, five dressage riders and veterinarians share how they maintain a happy, healthy, and peak-performing equine partner.


Dressage Solutions: Achieve an Uphill Half-Halt

Try this tip from Chrissa Hoffmann.


Peeling the Onion for Greater Degrees of Throughness with Lisa Wilcox

An American Olympian describes her system for developing her horses mentally and physically from their start as young horses to the Grand Prix.


How to Ride the Half Halt with Jan Ebeling

The half halt is a combination of forward aids and restricting aids that will put your horse in balance and on the bit.


A Four-Step Checklist to Begin Every Ride

Use this easy-to-follow checklist as a tool to check in on your horse's responsiveness to each of the aids.


How Do I Ride a Half Halt?

Jennifer Truett offers her advice, explaining the elements of a sophisticated half halt.


How to Maintain Correct Bend in the Half Pass

Madeleine Austin explains the "ingredients" of a successful half pass.


14 Tips from German Dressage Olympian Hubertus Schmidt

Inside a session from the Old Master Series


When Your Dressage Horse Offers Passage During a Hack

Chris Hickey shares how you can harness your horse's natural passage steps to teach passage in the arena.


Half Halts Simplified with Kathy Connelly

Kathy Connelly teaches you simple steps to practice and perfect the half halt in your dressage training.

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