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Fourth Level

Heather Blitz: Keep Your Horse’s Shoulders Upright

This professional explains why your horse's balance is at the root of the problem.


Achieving Quality Contact with Iberian Dressage Horses

Mario Contreras answers this reader question.


Challenge the Horse to Find Better Balance

Heather Blitz critiques Nuala Galbari at Intro Level.


Balance, Strength & Body Awareness in the Dressage Horse

Correctly develop these essential qualities with straightforward, cause–and–effect methods.


Dressage 101: The Jack-in-the-Box

This dressage exercise incorporates lots of geometry making it a useful training tool


Dressage Exercises for the OTTB

Try these three exercises to turn a Thoroughbred racehorse into a successful dressage mount.


Prepare and Acclimate Your Horse for Long-Distance Travel

Part Two: Experts share tips for how to make sure your horse is comfortable during travel.


How to Build Your Own Dressage Arena

Build your own dressage arena using inexpensive, durable and attractive PVC piping.


How to Take Dressage Photos

Use these tips to get started on taking your best dressage photos.


How to Get an FEI Horse Passport

Find out how to get an FEI passport for your horse.

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