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Dressage Solutions: To Help You Sit the Trot

Try this tip from Linda Schultz


Are You Ready to Move Up to Second Level?

Kate Fleming-Kuhn explains how to be sure you and your dressage horse are prepared before moving up a level.


Tips to Sit a Big Trot More Effectively

USDF gold medalist Kamila Dupont offers advice and explains that addressing this issue begins with improving the horse's gaits.


At What Level In Dressage Are You Required to Sit the Trot?

Find out when you should be prepared to ride the sitting trot in dressage competition.


The Secret to Following Your Horse’s Motion

Liz Steacie shares advice to help riders find a better sitting trot. Plus, try her unmounted exercise to get a better feel.


Finding Harmony in the Sitting Trot with Jane Karol

How to join your body with your horse’s so that you can feel balance, harmony and connection


Can Bareback Riding Improve My Dressage Seat?

Melonie Kessler answers this reader question, explaining the benefits of bareback riding for both horse and rider.

First Level

Learning to Sit the Trot

Joan Williams explains this important step in a dressage rider's development and answers a reader's question.

Rider Fitness

Unmounted Exercises to Improve Your Ability to Sit the Trot

Try these rider exercises from Janice Dulak to help loosen your hips and improve your sitting trot.


How to Maximize Points for Dressage Test Success with Janet Foy

FEI 5* judge Janet Foy explains how attention to detail can earn you those extra points in the show ring—from making a strong first impression to riding each movement with precision, these helpful hints will turn your test from average to great.

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