Dressage Solutions: To Know What Riding Forward with Impulsion Feels Like

Try this tip from Pam Stone.

To Know What Riding Forward with Impulsion Feels Like…

Imagine your horse’s back inflating like a balloon, rising and lifting your seat. The back actually does this during proper impulsion—the horse physically lifts you as his hindquarters lower and he develops increased thrust. That’s the feeling of a truly forward horse who is balanced and ready to do anything you ask. —Pam Stone

(Illustration by Sandy Rabinowitz)

Pam Stone is a U.S. Dressage Federation bronze and silver medalist. She trained extensively with Marie Meyers and Jan Ebeling, and she has competed through Intermediaire. She teaches and trains out of her Stone’s Throw Farm in Landrum, South Carolina (stonesthrowfarmdressage.com) and writes a blog for Dressage Today.

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