Dressage Solutions: Make Your Circles Round

Try this tip from Sylvia Loch.

To make your circles round …

Imagine you are riding your horse between two rows
of fence posts. Feel how the outside posts keep you
turning and the inside posts support you and allow
the energy to flow through. —Sylvia Loch, from her book,
Dressage in Lightness

(Illustration by Sandy Rabinowitz)

Sylvia Loch has written seven books on dressage training. She studied in Portugal and became an “accredited instructor of Portugal” by the Portuguese National School of Equestrian Art. In 1984, she cofounded the Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain, and in 1995, she founded the Classical Riding Club. Based in Scotland, she teaches and gives clinics and seminars worldwide. Her website is classicalriding.co.uk.

This article first appeared in the August 2012 issue of Dressage Today.  

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