Dressage Solutions: Stabilize Your Hand Position

Try this tip from Michelle LaBarre

To stabilize your hand position…

Imagine that you are holding a coffee mug with two handles and direct your horse’s energy through those handles. Holding the mug helps your hands stay a reasonable distance from one another and work as a unit with your thumbs up. Be sure that you don’t tip the mug or the coffee will spill! —Michelle LaBarre

Michelle LaBarre trained at the Reitinstitut Von Neindorff after graduating from college. After returning to the U.S. she met her trainer and mentor Carel Eijkenaar, a student of Georg Theodorescu, who she has worked under for 14 years. LaBarre operates her business, LaBarre Dressage, LLC, out of Voltra Farm, owned by Carin Mei and located in central New York. She trains horses of all levels and is an active clinician throughout the Northeast.

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