Business Spotlight: Blue Bridle Insurancedre

Blue Bridle Insurance Agency, headquartered in Pittstown, New Jersey, is licensed to do business in more than 40 states. It is one of the largest and oldest equine insurance agencies that specializes in providing insurance for horses (virtually all breeds and disciplines), as well as horse farms and liability exposures. For more information, visit

Q & A

Q: What products or services do you sell?

A: Blue Bridle specializes in a wide range of equine insurance products for horses and for equine-related businesses and activities.

Q: How, when and why did you get started in this line of business? Was there a particular niche that needed filling?

A: This agency was formed in 1982 by individuals involved in equestrian sports who recognized that there was a need for equine insurance with an emphasis on surgical insurance for horses. With advances in medical technology and increasing cost, we realized that many horses could be saved if surgery were an affordable option. This proved to be a great niche. (Our agency name was derived as a take-off from Blue Cross Blue Shield.)

Q: How big is your agency, and do you have offices at different locations?

A: Blue Bridle is one of the largest and oldest equine insurance agencies in the country that specializes in equine-related insurance only. It is licensed to do business in 40 states and operates out of our New Jersey office.

Q: What do you offer your equestrian clients that makes you different from your competitors?

A: Blue Bridle is an independent insurance agency, which enables us to represent many different insurance companies that specialize in equine insurance. Our dedication and service are second to none. Our clients benefit from our experience in this line of business, which is crucial in guiding them to make informed decisions and obtain the best coverage options available to them.

Q: What is your best-selling product to date?

A: Mortality insurance policies for horses are responsible for the greatest share of our business. There are coverages that can be added to the policy which cushion the insured from the unexpected expenses sustained when a horse becomes ill, is injured or requires surgery. With colic being a leading cause of death, the cost of surgery can be prohibitive without insurance protection.

Q: Do you have any plans to expand or diversify your product line in the future, and if so, how?

A: As new equine insurance products are made available by the carriers, this agency is quick to adopt them and to offer them to our clients.

Q: What do you like best about your clientele?

A: We share a common bond with our clientele: the love of horses. Most of our staff members own horses and enjoy them for pleasure and in competition. This enables us to relate to the needs of the people we serve and understand the risks involved in owning horses and farms, and the liability exposures that come with the territory.

Q: If there was one piece of advice you could offer people in the market for products like yours, what would it be?

A: Place your confidence in insurance agents that specialize in equine insurance. General agencies may understand automobiles, for example, but not horses!






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