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First Level

How to Correctly Ride a Change of Lead Through Trot

Learn the steps to ride this movement that appears in First Level Test 3.


Dressage Solutions: Prevent Your Horse’s Shoulders from Falling In or Out

Try this tip from Corinne Foxley.

First Level

Reviewing First Level Skills

Be sure that you have mastered all of the skills required in First Level to progress to Second Level.

First Level

A First Look at Counter Canter

Learn the basics of this challenging test of First Level skills.

First Level

Dressage Geometry: 10-Meter Circles Deconstructed

Learn how to ride this important First Level figure.

First Level

How To Ride First Level Leg Yields

Learn how riding the First Level leg yield prepares for advancement in dressage training.

First Level

Learn About Lengthenings at First Level

First Level continues this month with a closer look at lengthenings.

First Level

Building Skills for First Level Dressage

Focus on rider balance and coordination of aids.

First Level

Are You Ready for First Level Dressage?

How to make an educated and confident decision about moving up from Training Level to First Level

International Travel

An International Perspective on Dressage Competition

Examining the differences in dressage-competition structure in Europe

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