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Horse Care

How to Deal with Arthritis

A range of medications and management options can help to keep an active sporthorse comfortable and competing.


Horse Care

How to Apply Liniment

Help your horse recover from a strenuous workout by applying liniments, braces or cooling gels.

ticks, tick

Horse Care

Equine Piroplasmosis on the Rise

Equine piroplasmosis, a tick-borne disease, is spreading in the United States. Treatment is lengthy, so prevention is key.

Horse Care

What to Know About Knees

Healthy joints are a must in sporthorses, and some are more complex than others. Here’s a look at common knee issues and tips for keeping them from becoming chronic.

Horse Care

Normal Aging or PPID?

Don’t be fooled by the symptoms of this serious hormonal disorder, more commonly known as Cushing’s disease.

Horse Care

Shivers in Sporthorses

Potential causes and effects of this ill-defined movement disorder.

Horse Care

The Value of Preventive Performance Exams for Your Sporthorse

How your horse can benefit from these routine soundness evaluations

Horse Care

What My Dressage Horse’s Spine Taught Me About Her Heart

DT's Lindsay Paulsen shares her journey of owning a horse who was recently diagnosed with kissing spine.

Horse Care

The Use of Shockwave and Laser Therapies for Performance Horses

How noninvasive therapies can be used to treat and prevent injuries in your equine partner

Horse Care

Understanding Equine Melanoma

These tumors typically present as firm, dome-shaped, black masses in the hairless areas of the body.

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