Horses and riders are both athletes. Maximize health and fitness to take your dressage training to the next level and promote the well being of your equine partner.

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Horse Care

Cold Weather Care

Tips for helping your horses stay healthy and active through the winter


Introduction to Deworming Horses

Horse Care

All About Joints

Take an inside look at the structures that power motion to help your horse stay sound.

Horse Care

Navicular and Ringbone: A Step in the Right Direction

While these two common conditions can end equine careers, modern diagnostics and treatment—plus careful management—can offer hope.

Horse Care

Spring Cleaning!

10 tips for sprucing up your barn.

Horse Care

Normal Aging or PPID?

Don’t be fooled by the symptoms of this serious hormonal disorder, more commonly known as Cushing’s disease.

Horse Care

10 Barn Hacks

Pro groom Liv Gude shares some of her favorite barn “hacks”—tips and tricks to save money, time and hassle.

Horse Care

Competitive Success with Kissing Spines

With the right management, this disorder doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your horse’s performance career.

Horse Care

Understanding the Equine Neck

Lameness, soreness, and performance issues that can arise in association with the horse’s neck and how to address them.

Horse Care

Shivers in Sporthorses

Potential causes and effects of this ill-defined movement disorder.

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