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Dressage Horse Bloodline Analysis: Showtime FRH

Take a closer look at the lineage of this shy Hanoverian ridden by Germany's Dorothee Schneider


Bloodline Analysis: Hanoverian Desperados FRH

Why Desperados FRH is considered the epitome of today’s Hanoverian breed


The Evolution of Dressage Equipment

Dressage tack has changed significantly over the years—but it is for better or for worse?


A Study of Sporthorse Breeding

What is a Warmblood?


Coaching Youth Toward USDF Medals

FEI-level competitor and trainer Katie Poag helps her students earn scores while refining their skills in the life-long pursuit of dressage.


Clipping and Blanketing Insights from Top Grooms

Alan Davies and Carmen Thiemann share their systems for keeping horses comfortable.

Barn and Facility

Fall Maintenance and Winter Planning for Your Farm

Learn what you can do to welcome Old Man Winter at your home or riding facility.

Horse Care

Keep Cool at Summer Horse Shows

Experts provide tips to help horse and rider safely handle extreme heat

Horse Care

Vaccinating Your Dressage Horse

The what, why and how

Horse Care

Holistic Care for the Dressage Horse

Understanding complementary therapies and how they work can help your horse perform at his best.

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