Fourth Level

At Fourth Level, the horse and rider must exhibit a high level of impulsion, suppleness, thoroughness, lightness and be on the bit.

rein-back dressage
Tips to Fix a Crooked Rein-Back
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half pass photo by amy k dragoo
How to Maintain Correct Bend in the Half Pass
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hind legs 2
George Williams: How Horses' Hind Legs Work
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janet foy fourth level video
VIDEO: Janet Foy on the 2019 Fourth Level Dressage Tests
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flying change example
How to Ride Correct Flying Changes on an Overeager Horse
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morten thomsen chris hickey canter pirouette 8
Easy Canter Pirouettes with Morten Thomsen
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sabine anne irbe belgian warmblood
Improve Use of Weight Aids to Influence the Horse
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1 scott hassler
Scott Hassler on Collection with Throughness and Forward Desire
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long neck opener
A Long Neck Equals a More Rideable Horse
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free forward collection 1
The Secret to Free, Forward Collection
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reiner klimke
Improve Body Awareness for a Better Seat
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How Can I Keep My Horse Bending in the Walk Pirouette?
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Training Buzz: Riding Haunches-In
Jenny Susser Podcast Cover
Interview with Dr. Jenny Susser
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Infographic: What is Myofibrillar Myopathy?
Training Buzz: Rider Warm-up Stretches


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In-Hand Work with Arthur Kottas Heldenberg
An Overview of the Inferior Check Ligament in Horses
Dressage Basics: The 20-by-60-Meter Dressage Arena and 20-Meter Circles