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Two Exercises to Improve Your Riding Balance

Lynn Palm gives you two exercises for improving your riding balance as she prepares you and your horse to ride Training Level, Test 1 in competition.


Dressage Warm-Up with Hubertus Schmidt

Olympian Hubertus Schmidt offers dressage warm-up strategies for getting the most out of training sessions.


Longe Lessons at the Spanish Riding School

The Spanish Riding School develops a deep seat by longeing its riders as a part of their training.


Walter Zettl’s Shoulder-In Entwickeln Exercise

Use Walter Zettl's shoulder-in entwickeln exercise to improve your dressage horse's suppleness, balance and rhythm.


Riding Lesson Breakthroughs

How an amateur dressage rider really learned the basics. Written by Meredith Rogers for Dressage Today.


Tongue Resistance in the Dressage Horse

Jessica Jahiel gives suggestions for stopping a horse from sticking his tongue out to avoid the bit.


Hot Tips for a Cool Dressage Musical Freestyle

Learn how to create an exciting lower-level dressage musical freestyle.


Get Your Dressage Horse to Stretch Down into Contact

FEI dressage rider and trainer Jerry Schwartz gives you a six-step plan for asking your horse to stretch down into the contact.


The Nine Points of Saddle Fitting

Your saddle affects the way you ride and the way your horse performs. Learn how to evaluate this very basic piece of riding equipment. Written by Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore for Dressage Today magazine.

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