Results from the Dressage Today Virtual Show III

See the top-placed pairs from our latest virtual dressage competition!

Following are results from the Dressage Today Virtual Show II, judged by USEF ‘S’ Judge Margaret Freeman. The top six horse-and-rider combinations from each class are listed. We will be contacting all riders individually to return tests and coordinate prizes for those who won their respective classes. If you do not see your name listed here, you either did not place within the top six of your class or were listed as a noncompete entry. We’d like to extend a special thank you to Vita Flex Pro and Farnam, who will providing a prize pack for the winner of each class. 

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(Photo by Amy K. Dragoo)

 Class 1: Training Level

1. Amanda Moore and Portia/ 69.23 percent

2. Nancy Gruborovic and Wigo/ 67.88 percent

3. Linda Stanger and Karrera/ 67.5 percent

4. Lyla Solway and Gemini/ 66.9 percent

5. Kim Toohey and Two Brook Georginna/ 61.72 percent

6. Aileen Czarkowski and Redford/ 61.55 percent 

Class 2: First Level

1. Tajana Mrazovic and Topas/ 72.29 percent

2. Silke Wiersma and Deseada FL/ 67.43 percent

3. Sophia Soloman and Just Belle/ 67.41 percent

4. Avril Williams and Vulcan Elmare/ 64.57 percent

5. Kara Eikenbary and Orion/ 64.29 percent 

6. Suzan Wilson and Owen/ 63.1 percent

Class 3: Second through Fourth Levels

1. Arlene Neumann and Wie Westerland/ 65.95 percent

2. Colleen Kinninger and Cayenne Von Sucandi/ 63.85 percent

3. Paris Roy and Kingston/ 63.51 percent

4. Maggie Mae and Wenetwo/ 62.26 percent

5. Silke Wiersma and Verbena Z/ 61.34 percent 

6. Kari Macklin and Maggie/ 57.3 percent

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