Second Level

dressagetoday virtual show iii
Results from the Dressage Today Virtual Show III
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dressage horse canter
Training Tips to Correct a Horse Who Gets Too Strong In Canter
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lucy thomas and milano
Refine Horse and Rider Balance to Correctly Channel Energy
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janet foy 2019 new test symposium second level dressage test
Janet Foy on the 2019 Second Level Dressage Tests
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phases of econd level ride hilda gurney
Six Phases of a Second Level Ride with Hilda Gurney
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moving up to second level
Are You Ready to Move Up to Second Level?
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road to grand prix level
How Long Will It Take for a Dressage Rider to Reach Grand Prix Level?
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sitting trot required dressage tests
At What Level In Dressage Are You Required to Sit the Trot?
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double bridle by amy k
Introducing Your Dressage Horse to the Double Bridle
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amanda peer and caliente photo b
Evaluating Progress in a Second Level Pair
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Introducing Travers and Renvers with Hilda Gurney
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Introducing Travers and Renvers with Hilda Gurney
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CDI Hagen
Peters Leads U.S. Olympic Dressage Hopefuls at CDI Hagen
Header Image DT
Your Rhythm Isn't as Good as You Think
Interview With Anna Marek
U.S. Dressage Team Short LIst
U.S. Dressage Team Short List for 2024 Olympics Announced


dressage rhythm vs tempo difference
What is the Difference Between Rhythm and Tempo in Dressage?
Are lumps or swellings under the jaw reason for concern?
ali brock rhythm 1
Rhythm and Tempo with Ali Brock, Part 1
An Overview of the Inferior Check Ligament in Horses