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Susanne von Dietze on The Rider’s Seat

Physiotherapist, trainer, author of Balance in Movement and long-time Dressage Today contributor Susanne von Dietze demonstrates and teaches the benefits of a balanced seat at Grand Prix trainer JJ Tate’s farm in Landrum, South Carolina. Susanne takes us through an unmounted session where she describes the use of the rider’s seat and leads auditors (and you!) through exercises. Next, she takes to the saddle and demonstrates her how the rider’s seat, balance and position affect the horse. Finally, we watch Susanne work with JJ and other riders on their positions. Click here to watch it! 

Janet Foy on the 2019 Dressage Tests

Janet Foy, 5* judge and member of the dressage test writing committee, discusses the new 2019 tests from Training through Fourth Level. Horse and rider pairs ride each test while Janet provides commentary and offers tips on how to improve the test from a judge’s perspective. Click here to watch! 

George Williams on the Kindergarten Exercises

In “Kindergarten Exercises,” USEF National Dressage Youth Coach George Williams gives us exercises to become more effective with the application and timing of the rider’s aids. With help from his daughter, Noel, we see how these exercises translate human thought into a common language that both horse and rider can understand: the aids. Click here to watch!

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DT’s Lindsay Paulsen shares a tribute to the good mares. Click here to read it! 

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Come along with us, the Dressage Today team, as we mix and mingle with the most inspiring members of our dressage community—from top riders to local legends. We talk all angles of our sport—sharing everything from training philosophies to stories of chasing dreams to horse-care tips. Click here to listen! 






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