Dressage Today Podcast: Mike Osinski

Hear from FEI 4* judge Mike Osinski and learn about the new 2023 dressage tests.

Welcome to the Dressage Today Podcast sponsored by Purina. In this episode, Stephanie talks about preparing for her first licensed competition in almost 15 years and Aviva answers a question about how to ask for more brilliance in the show ring. Then together they interview FEI 4* judge Mike Osinski and talk about, among other things, the new 2023 dressage tests.

Mike Osinski grew up in Michigan riding jumpers and was a keen observer of many riding disciplines. These early experiences gave Mike an appreciation of good riding, regardless of discipline or breed of horse. His personal quest for better riding led him to dressage. Mike immersed himself in dressage training working with Maryal Barnett and as an assistant to Hilda Gurney. He has also studied with Steffen Peters, Carol Lavell, and Paul Belasik.

Based in Washington state, Mike has been a dressage judge since 1984 and today is a USEF “S” rated judge, FEI 4* judge and Young Horse Judge Michael. He is also a member of the USDF L program faculty and a member of the test writing committee.

Listen in!