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Training Buzz: Olivia Lagoy-Weltz on 10-Meter Circles

Listen to Lagoy-Weltz’s philosophy on riding correct 10-meter circles.



10-Meter Makeover

Build strength and suppleness with a simple exercise.


Dressage Schooling Notebook: Transitions with Cindy Ishoy

Strengthen and supple your horse with a series of upward and downward transitions.


How to Ride a Spiral Circle

Katherine Bateson-Chandler explains this useful exercise to help develop collection while maintaining forwardness.


3 Exercises to Improve Transitions Into and Out of Canter Lengthenings

Joy Congdon explains how to maintain control over a horse who likes to run in canter lengthenings.


You Don’t Need a Fancy Horse in Order to Score Well on Walk Pirouettes

It’s a dressage movement any horse with proper training can do well.


Success Through Precise Riding with Lehua Custer

Let precision get you to Third Level and beyond

First Level

Dressage Geometry: 10-Meter Circles Deconstructed

Learn how to ride this important First Level figure.

First Level

Dressage Basics: How to Ride 15- and 10-Meter Figure Eights

Learn how to apply your skills riding 15- and 10-meter circles to various dressage training exercises.

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