Allison Brock

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Rhythm and Tempo with Ali Brock, Part 1

U.S. dressage Olympian Ali Brock explains the terms with a focus on rhythm.

ali brock rhythm tempo 1

Rhythm and Tempo with Ali Brock, Part 2

U.S. dressage Olympian Ali Brock elaborates on these terms, now focusing on tempo. She also shares advice to help you control your horse's tempo.

us equestrian dressage

US Equestrian Launches Pilot Phase of U.S. Dressage Coaches Support Network

The goal is to is to establish a group of like-minded dressage trainers to support U.S. dressage program events and initiatives

Allison Brock, Photo by Annan Hepner, Rosevelt

How to Ride with Soft Arms for a Better Connection

The bend in the elbow allows elasticity forward and backward to follow the horse’s mouth every step.

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Allison Brock's 5 Tips to Improve Mental Focus

A U.S. Olympian shares how you can redirect your attention to improve your riding.

sophia chavonelle and courtney king dye

My Amazing Experience at the 2017 Courtney King-Dye Horsemastership Clinic

Youth rider Sophia Chavonelle takes us inside this unique opportunity presented by Dressage4Kids, Inc.

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Dressage in Faraway Places

Enthusiasts living in remote areas find creative ways to overcome challenges of distance and isolation in order to enjoy the sport they love.