Carolyn Healy

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Why Every Dressage Rider Needs a Pickaxe

Dressage Today blogger and Adult Amateur rider Carolyn Healy shares her latest reflections on riding and the importance of "chipping away" at challenge.

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Patience in the Pandemic: A Lesson from Horses

Dressage Today blogger Carolyn Healy shares a recent lesson from her life as a horse owner amidst a pandemic.

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How I Embrace the Positive Elements of Each Ride

DT Adult Amateur rider and blogger Carolyn Healy shares her recent exercise to help her focus on the good in every ride.

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A Reminder That Progress in Dressage is Not Linear

Adult Amateur and DT blogger Carolyn Healy reflects on her challenging last year of dressage training and shares an important positive takeaway.

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When the Dream Lives On Through a Chestnut Gelding

Meet Carolyn Healy, our Adult Amateur blogger from Ottawa, Canada.