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Develop Collection Without Resistance • How to Deal with Arthritis

A judge and instructor shares a positive approach to tackling the top of the Training Pyramid—collection. Plus, a veterinarian dives into arthritis management for the sporthorse.

training spiral


Goodbye, Pyramid … Hello, Spiral!

An Excerpt from "The Training Spiral" by Sue Grice.


Enhance Collection with Positive Tension

Equestrian biomechanics expert Susanne von Dietze critiques a horse and rider and offers suggestions and exercises for improvements.


Elevated Collection with a Baroque Horse

How much forwardness is necessary?

International Travel

Finding a New Degree of Expression with Klaus Balkenhol

Jennifer Baumert's lessons from German master Klaus Balkenhol on getting the most from your horse


Monica Theodorescu: The Purpose and Value of Lateral Work

A discussion of this indispensable element in daily dressage training

Dressage Today Extra

4 Exercises for Counter Canter + Fly Control Tips

George and Noel Williams explain how to help you develop your horse’s straightness and collection.


Training Tips to Introduce Haunches-In (Travers)

Haunches-in can be a beneficial training tool when it is correctly applied. In this article, Gerhard Ablinger explains how to determine if your horse is ready to learn haunches-in and shares some tips to introduce it.


14 Tips from German Dressage Olympian Hubertus Schmidt

Inside a session from the Old Master Series


How to Ride a Spiral Circle

Katherine Bateson-Chandler explains this useful exercise to help develop collection while maintaining forwardness.

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