Comfort Zone

Credit: Coco/Firefly Fotos

Grow Your Riding Comfort Zone While Staying Safe

Excellent decision making and baby steps are key.

Credit: Courtesy, Lynne Simonson Lynne Simonson and her 11-year-old Dutch/Thoroughbred-cross, Teaghan, compete at Training Level.

Establish a Comfort-Zone Trot

Susanne von Dietze critiques Lynne Simonson at Training and First Level.

With Sharon McCusker and Wrigley, Kyrklund explains the correct use of the resisting elbow as she presses on the back of McCusker’s upper arm. See what she does next on page 47.

Insights into Dressage Training from Kyra Kyrklund

Kyra Kyrklund explains her training philosophy, with focus on collection and tools for achieving it.