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Dressage Competition


Breed Division Completed & Performance on Day 3 of Dressage at Devon

Here's a recap of competition on day three of 2021 Dressage at Devon.

The A end of the arena is where the judge has the clearest view of the horse and rider in profile.

Getting Bigger Results from the Arena’s Shorter End

The far end of the arena may be the most neglected part of a dressage test.

Credit: Terri Miller At home, your training goal should be to have a very good ride every day. Then, at a show, just ride as well as you do at home.

Jan Ebeling: How to Prepare for Show-Ring Success

Pan Am Games gold medalist Jan Ebeling shares tips on preparing the horse for competition.

Credit: Anya Crane Careful planning is the key to success in the arena.

Three Steps to Maximize Success in the Dressage Show Ring with Janet Foy

Janet Foy explains how to get the most from your dressage show and also shares tips for dressage riders who choose not to compete.