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New USDF/USEF Tests Coming This Fall

Dressage Today OnDemand and USDF partner to bring you “On the Levels” videos of the new dressage tests coming December 1, 2022.

Dressage Today Extra

Tips to Break the 70-Percent Dressage Test Score Barrier

Plus: What Your Horse’s Tail Tells You


Ten Tips to Improve Your Score on Your Next Dressage Test

Cesar Torrente gives you easy fixes to increase your scores and improve your ride at every level of dressage.

Rider Wellness

Find Your Focus in the Dressage Show Ring

USDF gold medalist Kim Herslow explains how mental preparation can help you ride a better dressage test.


At What Level In Dressage Are You Required to Sit the Trot?

Find out when you should be prepared to ride the sitting trot in dressage competition.


Create Dressage Students Who Think and Feel

Gerhard Politz explains how correct rider assessment and the appropriate use of praise are key elements to effective instruction.


How to Use the Dressage Pyramid of Training

Use this conceptual tool to help your riding in a practical way.


Don’t Settle for the “Safe” Dressage Scores

Blogger and judge Margaret Freeman explains why higher scores are often worth the risk.


How to Win Dressage Test Points with Accuracy

Learn how accuracy can give you an advantage in the show ring.


A Daughter’s Gratitude

DT’s managing editor shares her appreciation for the unwavering support of her family.

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