Dressage Today Extra

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David Marcus’ Warm-Up Strategy + Summer Health Precautions

Canadian Olympian David Marcus shares advice for a structured warm-up. Plus, tips to keep your horse healthy this summer.

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Johann Hinnemann on Submission + Tips from Top Grooms

Germany’s Johann Hinnemann talks about the importance of submission. Plus, top grooms share tips for success.

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Lessons from Silva Martin + Recovery from Intense Work

Silva Martin encourages clinic riders to ride forward and straight. PLUS, insights to help your horse recover from a challenging training session.


Olivia LaGoy-Weltz: Defining the Rein Aids

LaGoy-Weltz discusses how achieving the ideal connection with both reins starts with the inside aids. PLUS, a renowned vet talks about normal vs. abnormal hoof temperature.


Edward Gal & Hans Peter Minderhoud: Dressage Insights

Dutch Olympians Edward Gal and Hans Peter Minderhoud share advice on how to make dressage look easy. Plus, special considerations for the senior dressage horse.


Rider Success and Winter Horse-Care Myths

Olympian Sue Blinks shares 7 qualities that contribute to success as a rider. Plus, experts debunk common winter horse-care myths.

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Help Your Horse Age Gracefully

Advice from Uta Gräf + A Veterinarian’s Insights on Stifle Stress

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How to APPLY Your Knowledge of the Dressage Training Scale

Plus: Advice for Balancing the Adult Amateur Lifestyle

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Shine Up Your Test Riding

Tips for all levels + How to recognize colic signs

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4 Exercises for Counter Canter + Fly Control Tips

George and Noel Williams explain how to help you develop your horse’s straightness and collection.


9 Tips for a Winning Test + Tack-Care Tips

Insights from Anne Gribbons, Lilo Fore, Hilda Gurney and More!

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Increase Your Focus, Decrease Your Horse’s Stress

In this edition of the Dressage Today Extra, Ali Brock shares how to maximize your time in the saddle with focus for better results, plus a veterinarian’s perspective on stress in horses.


Achieve Symmetry in Horse and Rider

Lauren Sammis shares her advice to help improve your awareness of your horse's symmetry, as well as your own and veterinarian Scott Anderson, DVM, explains the value in studying biomechanics.

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10 Quick Tips to Boost Your Next Dressage Score

Maximize your performance with advice from an FEI 4* judge PLUS get expert insights on healthy horsekeeping.

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Prep for Pirouettes and Learn About Equine Strength and Fitness Basics

Shannon Dueck shares her strategy to develop ultra collection PLUS a veterinarian’s perspective on maximizing your horse’s musculature.

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Keys to Your Horse's Longevity

Advice for riding in balance and insights on hock health