Trot Lengthenings: The What, Why and How • Rethink Your Deworming Strategy

Carole Grant breaks down the what, why and how of trot lengthenings and provides exercises to practice the movement. Plus, find out if your approach to deworming is keeping your horse healthy or contributing to a bigger problem.

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Trainer and former international competitor Carole Grant explains that trot lengthenings are an essential building block for training, but are often misunderstood and not so simple to train properly. Plus, Dr. Anne Christopherson describes how deworming practices have changed over the years and how to create an effective strategy for your horse. 

In this issue:

  • Grant explains how to introduce the concept of lengthening to your horse and shares exercises to improve your horse’s ability to perform the movement.
  • Dr. Christopherson emphasizes that every farm should have its own deworming protocol individually designed in partnership with a veterinarian.

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