9 Tips for a Winning Test • 3 Nutritional Challenges in the Dressage Horse

Three judges share nine tips on how to ride a winning dressage test. Plus, learn about three common nutritional issues that may be affecting your dressage horse.

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Lilo Fore, Anne Gribbons and Hilda Gurney are three of the world’s best judges, and they know what a winning dressage test looks like.

In this issue, Fore, Gribbons and Gurney:

  • describe what it takes to break into the top of a class.
  • highlight movements to collect points on.
  • stress certain aspects of tests that are often underutilized, but can make all the difference in your score.

PLUS, Clair Thunes, PhD, dives into three common nutritional problems: insufficient trace minerals, inadequate vitamin E and a lack of quality protein.

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