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Training Buzz: Riding the Hind Legs for a Flying Change

Grand Prix competitor Shannon Dueck explains how she introduces the flying change.


Fantastic Flying Changes

Produce your horse’s best flying changes with this Pan American gold medalist’s four-part suppling exercise.


Dressage Solutions: Keep Your Horse Straight During Flying Lead Changes

Try this tip from U.S. Dressage coach Debbie McDonald.


Improve Your Horse’s Straightness in Canter Departs

Katherine Bateson-Chandler answers this reader question, discussing the ideal canter aids to help keep your horse straight.


Why Every Dressage Rider Needs a Pickaxe

Dressage Today blogger and Adult Amateur rider Carolyn Healy shares her latest reflections on riding and the importance of "chipping away" at challenge.


2 Exercises to Improve Your Horse’s Flying Changes

Try these two exercises to improve your dressage horse's flying changes from Texas-based dressage professional Jenna Arnold.


How I Embrace the Positive Elements of Each Ride

DT Adult Amateur rider and blogger Carolyn Healy shares her recent exercise to help her focus on the good in every ride.


Dressage Solutions: Keep Your Horse Straight

Try this tip from Jan Brink.


Four Major Lessons I’ve Learned on My Dressage Journey

Blogger and dressage professional Jenna Arnold shares her reflections on the importance of high standards, perseverance, joy and community.


14 Tips from German Dressage Olympian Hubertus Schmidt

Inside a session from the Old Master Series

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