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Forward Desire

Credit: Arnd Bronkhorst - If your horse offers passage while out hacking, think upward half halts to help lift his shoulders while your lower legs lift his belly in the rhythm of the trot

When Your Dressage Horse Offers Passage During a Hack

Chris Hickey shares how you can harness your horse's natural passage steps to teach passage in the arena.

Credit: Arnd Bronkhorst, Impulsion is more than the desire to move forward. It’s the elasticity of the horse’s steps, the suppleness of his back and the engagement of his hindquarters.

The Four Components of Impulsion

Joan Darnell explains how developing impulsion in dressage training requires more than just forwardness.

on the bit

There Is No Secret to Putting Your Horse "On the Bit"

Accomplished event rider and USDF gold medalist Jeremy Beale answers a reader question, explaining how skilled riders use finesse and feel, rather than strength, to teach their horses to look for the bit.

Credit: Lilo Fore judges Canadian Olympian Jacqueline Brooks at the 2013 CDI 5* in Wellington, Florida.

The Job of a Dressage Judge

Lilo Fore reflects on her promotion to the FEI’s top judge’s rank.