international helmet awareness day 2020 website

International Helmet Awareness Day

Resources to help you stay safe in the saddle

breeches dress for your shape

Tips Look Your Best in Riding Breeches

Personal stylist Barbara Biernat tells you how to dress your shape to look great in and out of the ring.

dressage saddle cleaning arnd bronkhorst

Get the Most Out of Your Tack and Riding Equipment

Expert advice on maximizing the longevity of your gear

Credit: Nancy Jaffer Ankle stretches can be done on the stairs at your home or on the mounting block as you’re warming up for your ride.

Riding Dressage After Injury

A New Jersey physician and horsewoman helps her patients return to riding after an injury.

why helmets matter charlotte dujardin

Why Helmets Matter in Equestrian Sports

Five reasons we believe wearing helmets is important.

Megan Rust and her top-hat helmet | Photo courtesy of Megan Rust

The Top-Hat Dressage Helmet

A determined dressage rider made the top-hat safety helmet a reality.