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How To Ride The Half Halt

Credit: Annie Morris The aids of a sophisticated half halt are a minute calf lift/fluff to increase the energy, a pause in hip movement while slightly increasing the weight of your seat bones, closing either one (usually the outside) or both hands into fists on the reins during a moment of increased tone in your forearms, triceps, latissimus dorsi and trapezius—lats and traps.

How Do I Ride a Half Halt?

USDF certified instructor Jennifer Truett offers her advice

Credit: Jerry Morris 1. The rider uses a combination of the lower back, seat and leg to bring the horse’s energy evenly into both reins without changing the rhythm or tempo of the gait. This step brings the horse’s energy forward toward the bit.

Half Halts Simplified with Kathy Connelly

Kathy Connelly teaches you simple steps to practice and perfect the half halt.

secrets of the half halt

The Secrets of the Half Halt with Conrad Schumacher

Trainer Conrad Schumacher explains step by step how to master the intricacies of the half halt and ride it correctly—whatever the situation.


Oded Shimoni's Invisible Half Halt

Learn how to create sophisticated half halts that enhance your horse's movement.