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dressage scribe by amber heintzberger

The Art of Scribing in Dressage: A Beginner's Guide

If you're interested in scribing at a dressage show, check out these tips and advice from USEF “r” dressage judge Jacquelyn Stapel to help you get started.

1 dressage at devon gp for freestyle sat oct. 3 no. 9128 Alice Tarjan Elfenfeur 300dpi

Alice Tarjan’s Rise to the Top

This Adult Amateur climbed through the ranks of dressage with her self-made mounts to compete against her childhood idols at Grand Prix.

Credit: Nancy Jaffer Ankle stretches can be done on the stairs at your home or on the mounting block as you’re warming up for your ride.

Riding Dressage After Injury

A New Jersey physician and horsewoman helps her patients return to riding after an injury.