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pam stone lucas medium walk

A Not-So-Secret Key to Seamless Walk Transitions

Dressage Today blogger Pam Stone shares a reminder for riders to focus on riding the horse calm, forward and straight.

pam stone gem ottb

Dressage Training Is Training, Regardless of Terrain

Blogger Pam Stone shares reflections on her time spent with Gem, the fox-hunting Off-the-Track Thoroughbred, explaining why you don't need a dressage ring to work your horse correctly.

pam stone gem ottb dressage

Strides Toward Straightness with an Off-the-Track Thoroughbred

Blogger Pam Stone shares an update on Gem, a retired OTTB who traded in track life for the hunt field.

voodoo canter 3

When the Dressage Training Scale Comes to Life

Blogger Pam Stone reflects on the beauty of dressage theory—and the reward that comes from its correct application.

pam stone voodoo 3

Exchanging Sand for Grass: The Perks of Hill Work for Dressage Horses

Blogger Pam Stone shares her last update on her OTTB project, Voodoo, while explaining the benefits of working out of the ring.

pam stone voodoo august 2

Pam Stone: The Benefits of Honest Connection

Blogger Pam Stone shares an update on Voodoo, the willing Off-the-Track Thoroughbred

pam stone voodoo 4

Pam Stone: Challenges of Retraining the Off-the-Track Thoroughbred

Blogger Pam Stone begins a new journey with Voodoo, a 5-year-old Thoroughbred who presents some classic ex-racehorse challenges.


Versatile OTTB and Lifelong Equestrian Earn Century Club Membership

After a career as a racehorse, a jumper and a therapeutic riding horse, this 33-year-old Thoroughbred recently completed a Century Club ride.

canter transition

How Do I Ride a Clean Walk-Canter Depart on My Dressage Horse?

USEF “S” dressage judge Debbie Rodriguez offers tips on schooling a clean walk-canter depart

pam stone blog 2 donna and mikey

Dressage: It's All About The Journey

Blogger Pam Stone continues her search for a new "Cinderella Project."


Introducing Dressage Today's 2018 Intern

Meet Nenah Mikuska, and read her journey as a rider.


When I Said "Enough"

After a difficult rehab journey with her OTTB, Pam Stone discusses her recent decision to retire him.

Forrest's trot work continues as his soundness improves

Forrest's trot work continues as his soundness improves

As I increased Forrest’s trot time under saddle, I’ve sent periodic videos to Dr. Gillis whose most recent feedback declared he was looking sounder. What a relief!