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perfectionism dressage progress

How Perfectionism Can Hinder Progress in Dressage

Psychologist Jane Karol explains a helpful mental approach to becoming a better rider.

paul haefner riding far sport psychology goal setting

Goal Setting Tips for Riders

Advice from Paul Haefner, Ph.D.

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The Conundrum of Ideal Performance Conditions

How to understand which conditions are best for your personal performance.

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The Problem of the Overhorsed Adult Amateur

Sport psychologist Jenny Susser, PhD, addresses an issue in the dressage community and reminds us of the importance of facing those difficult conversations.

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Become a Thinking Rider

Mental imagery doesn't require massive amounts of time and it can be used anywhere.

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Grow Your Riding Comfort Zone While Staying Safe

Excellent decision making and baby steps are key.

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Free Yourself from Feelings of Guilt Over Barn Time

Learn why taking time away from your family to be at the barn can be a benefit for your children and loved ones, too.

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Rider Reflections for a New Year

The value of quiet thinking time

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Is the Tough Dressage Trainer Worth It?

Consider these three questions from sport psychologist Jenny Susser, PhD, to decide.

cara whitham by kathleen wattle

Understanding Pre-Competition Butterflies

Cara Whitham explores the topic of show nerves and gives tips to help your butterflies "fly in formation."

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Coping with Judgment While Riding

A sport psychologist's advice on how to ride your best, even with an audience.

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How to Ride A Dressage Test... Mentally

Sports psychologist Jenny Susser, PhD, explains that developing the mental strategy of test-riding is a skill of successful riders that is often overlooked.

horse show competition anxiety

Six Steps to Calm Your Dressage Show Anxiety

Try this advice from Jane Karol, which includes proven methods for overcoming show anxiety to help you perform at your best.