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Rider Wellness

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Energize Yourself to Perform in the Show Ring

Harness positive thinking to become a stronger competitor.

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Is the Tough Trainer Worth It?

According to Dr. Jenny Susser, there's only one strategy for dealing with harsh criticism.

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How to Maximize Rides When You Have Minimal Time

Consider these tips to make the most of your time in the saddle when the clock is ticking.

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How Can I Move Past Training Ruts?

Incorporate these strategies into your riding program to progress and feel refreshed.


Address Mental Stress in Horse and Rider

Sport Psychologist Jenny Susser shares her tips to minimize stress for you and your equine partner.

mind over matter stress

Identify Stress to Improve Your Riding

Sports psychologist Dr. Jenny Susser discusses the concept of stress and how it relates to horses and riders.

defining excellence susser

Defining Excellence in Dressage

Sports psychologist Jenny Susser, PhD, explains a realistic way to pursue excellence.


The Facts About Head Injuries

10 surprising facts about brain health.


The Psychology of Horse Shopping

Dr. Jenny Susser shares how to develop a mental strategy as you shop for your next dressage partner.

perform under pressure

How to Perform Under Pressure

Sports psychologist Jenny Susser, PHD, discusses physical, mental and emotional preparation.

Rider Psychology: The Layers of Training

Dr. Jenny Susser explains "the onion analogy" in relation to riding.

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How to Ride Safely in Extreme Heat

Use these tips to prevent overheating and overexposure to the sun during the hot summer months.

Credit: Norma Ashton and Richard I’Anson Use of a resistance band

Better Breathing for the Dressage Rider

Rebecca Ashton shows you exercises to improve your breathing.

Credit: © hamara Hip pain and tightness are common complaints, seeming to be more prevalent among dressage riders.

Can Wide Horses Cause Rider Hip Pain?

Britta Anna Pedersen explains that hip pain and tightness are common complaints that seem to be more prevalent among dressage riders.

Expanding Your Mental Fitness

Jenny Susser, PhD, explains how to strengthen your mental fitness for improved riding success.

Credit: Norma Ashton Diagonal-Line Clam Setup

Exercises to Improve Dressage Leg Position and Control

Rebecca Ashton provides these exercises to improve rider fitness.

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Mentally Connect with Your Riding Abilities

Sports psychologist Jenny Susser explains how to ride with more awareness.

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Develop Rider Confidence and Focus

Jenny Susser, PhD explains how to refine your focus and grow your confidence as a rider.

Credit: Norma Ashton Hundreds Setup

Create Correct Dressage Posture

Fitness columnist Rebecca Ashton gives you targeted exercises.

Credit: Dusty Perin - Some injuries may permanently limit a horse’s ability to return to the higher levels of training. That should be discussed at length with your veterinarian prior to returning to training of any level.

Competing in Dressage After an Injury

FEI 3* dressage judge Kristi Wysocki shares her thoughts on what should be considered when bringing a horse back from an injury.

Rider Fitness Video: Improve Hip Mobility

Fitness expert Rebecca Ashton provides a series of exercises.


Horseback Riding for Exercise

Is dressage riding appropriate cardiovascular exercise?