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Normal Aging or PPID?

Don’t be fooled by the symptoms of this serious hormonal disorder, more commonly known as Cushing’s disease.

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Edward Gal & Hans Peter Minderhoud: Dressage Insights

Dutch Olympians Edward Gal and Hans Peter Minderhoud share advice on how to make dressage look easy. Plus, special considerations for the senior dressage horse.

Horse Care

Horse Blanketing Demystified

Veterinarians from across the country give insight to help you keep your horse happy and healthy under his blanket this winter.

Horse Care

Understanding Equine Melanoma

These tumors typically present as firm, dome-shaped, black masses in the hairless areas of the body.

Horse Care

Nutritional Considerations for the Senior Dressage Horse

Just because a horse is over 18 or 20 years old does not necessarily mean he needs changes in his feeding—but there are certain signs that indicate it might be time to re-evaluate.


Balagur: The Forever-Young Dressage Horse

This Olympic veteran turned dressage schoolmaster seems to have found the fountain of youth.


10 Tips to Keep Your Senior Dressage Horse Competitive

Sound equine-management practices coupled with a good dose of common sense will assist in the longevity of senior horses.

Horse Care

Understanding Your Horse’s Hock Health

Learn about some of the elements that affect the horse's hocks


The Joys of Riding a Senior Dressage Horse

Five amateur dressage riders share their stories

Horse Care

Nutrition Basics for the Dressage Horse

Experts offer advice for feeding the competitive dressage horse throughout life.

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