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Spooky Horse

pricked ears

When You and Your Horse Have Different Agendas

DT Adult Amateur blogger Jennifer Wuorinen reflects on the unexpected circumstances that bring out the flight instincts of horses—and the occasional perks of these moments.

spooking horse amy dragoo

How Do I Deal with a Spooky Horse?

Cindi Wylie answers this reader question, explaining that given time, patience and proper training, you can “de-spook” your horse to some degree.


Build Your Dressage Horse’s Confidence with Scott Hassler

Learn how to inspire your dressage horse to do his best with advice on developing lateral and longitudinal suppleness and getting your horse's head in the game.

Too small for print; MystiqueAttaGirl

Building Trust with Dressage Training

A horse owner learns that putting complete faith in your dressage horse can be the key to success in dressage training.