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Barn and Facility

The Silent Efforts Behind Successful Dressage Facilities

As a new facility owner, young dressage professional Ayden Uhlir shares her perspective on the often-unnoticed work that goes on behind the scenes to keep equestrian facilities running smoothly.


Myths and Truths of Equine Cribbing

An equine veterinarian shares her perspective on why horses crib and how to best manage a cribber.


Create Energy in Your Dressage Horse

Tom Noone explains how to address this common problem in dressage training by improving your horse's response to your aids.

Horse Care

How Dressage Horses Benefit from Variety

Courtney King-Dye explains the importance of days off, hack days and regular turnout.

International Travel

A Day with Irish Dressage Star Judy Reynolds

Visiting her home base in Germany

Horse Care

The Risks and Benefits of Turnout for Dressage Horses

Ciera Guardia, DVM, explains a few factors to take into consideration when determining your horse's turnout program


15 Facts About Ali Brock and Hanoverian Stallion Rosevelt

Learn more about this elite dressage combination.

Horse Care

Returning to the Dressage Ring After Injury

Rehabbing competitive dressage horses

Horse Care

The Aging Dressage Horse with Uta Graf

Part 1: How to keep your dressage partner happy and healthy


Motivate Your Dressage Horse with Uta Gräf

German Grand Prix rider Uta Gräf  explains how to train using the rider's moral obligation to the dressage horse.

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