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Dressage Bit and Noseband Considerations

How selection, fit and use affect the subtle conversation between dressage rider and horse.

Book Reviews

Nature, Nurture and Horses

A Journal of Four Dressage Horses from Birth through the First Year of Training

Book Reviews

Hands-On TTouch Training for Kids and their Horses

A review of My Horse, My Friend


The Wisdom of Dressage Master Nuno Oliveira

In this book review, Mary Daniels remembers when she visited Nuno Oliveira in Portugal


DVD Review: Pilates for Riders

Align your spine and control your core for a perfect position


Riding in the Moment

Mary Daniels reviews this book that explores the hidden language of dressage.


DVD Review: Pilates Essentials for Balanced Riders

A Magic Circle Workout


Book Review: Kottas on Dressage

This book by Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg, former First Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School, outlines his philosophy on dressage training, focusing on the development of the gaits and explaining lateral work and advances movements. Reviewed by Mary Daniels for Dressage Today magazine.


Book Review: Playing With Lukas

Playing With Lukas is the story of the Internet sensation known as 'The World's Smartest Horse.' This book opens reader's eyes to the potential all horses have.


Saddle Modifications for Para Equestrians

A look at saddle modifications that address the needs of para-equestrians, riders with physical disabilities.

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