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Tack-Room Hacks: 36 Practical (and Some Unexpected) Uses for Everyday Items

Be prepared for any odd job around the barn with these everyday items


Dressage Braids: Button Up!

Braiding is hard, so we asked the training barn manager of Hilltop Farm Inc. to help us out. In this article (with demo videos!), Jennifer Callahan will show you how to braid a horse’s mane for the dressage ring. She also gives some braiding tips and tricks that she’s learned along the way to help you get the best possible braids when you do it yourself.


How to Transition Your Horse’s Coat for the New Season

Pro groom Cat Hill explains how you can maintain your horse’s coat through the seasons by developing a seasonal grooming routine.


Winter Grooming Tips from Cat Hill

Keep your horse looking tidy and polished even in harsh winter conditions.


Should I Clip My Horse?

Sarah Ralston, VMD, answers this reader question.


Clipping and Blanketing Insights from Top Grooms

Alan Davies and Carmen Thiemann share their systems for keeping horses comfortable.


Tips from the World’s Top Dressage Grooms

The world’s top grooms share their experiences of working with equine superstars and some secrets for success.


Make That First Impression Count: What Judges Are Looking For When It Comes To Grooming


Daily Grooming Routine for Dressage Horses

This daily grooming routine will keep your horse looking sleek and feeling good.


Cold Weather Grooming Tips

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