Achieve Symmetry in Horse and Rider

Lauren Sammis shares her advice to help improve your awareness of your horse's symmetry, as well as your own and veterinarian Scott Anderson, DVM, explains the value in studying biomechanics.

Constant awareness of your position in relation to your horse’s body is the key to proper riding. Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer Lauren Sammis constantly thinks about balance and symmetry, as these qualities are crucial to the execution of every single movement in dressage.

In order to promote symmetry in your horse’s body, it’s also helpful to understand how it works. This leads us to the study of biomechanics. To learn more about how an understanding of biomechanics can enhance your dressage training, check out our article veterinarian Scott Anderson, DVM. 

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• How to Achieve Symmetry with Horse and Rider

• Why Biomechanics Matters

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