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Dressage Today Podcast

Training Buzz: Susanne von Dietze Leads an Unmounted Warm-up

Equestrian biomechanics expert Susanne von Dietze shares exercises to loosen up your legs and hips before riding.



Connect with Your Horse through Biomechanics

Communicate with your horse more effectively with lessons on rider biomechanics from Dressage Today OnDemand trainers.

von dietze

Dressage Today Podcast

Training Buzz: Rider Biomechanics

Stephany Fish Crossman explains how repositioning a rider can help her be more effective.

Dressage Today Extra

Achieve Symmetry in Horse and Rider

Lauren Sammis shares her advice to help improve your awareness of your horse's symmetry, as well as your own and veterinarian Scott Anderson, DVM, explains the value in studying biomechanics.


Find a More Supple Leg and Hip Position While Riding

Biomechanics expert Susanne von Dietze critiques a new horse-and-rider pair.


The Importance of Science in the Art of Dressage

Susan Mandas discusses the value of understanding the mechanics of motion.

Horse Care

How Studying Biomechanics Enhances Your Dressage Training

The study of biomechanics provides the basis for understanding multiple facets of dressage.


The Importance of Correct Timing of the Dressage Aids

A dressage rider learns the importance of her aids when she first learns to post on the correct diagnonal.

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